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SCI’s Graduates can choose to specialize in a variety of career  paths as a Certified Coach or Master Coach.

Here are some of the distinctive categories or niche specialties that can be pursued to broaden your career in coaching or enhance your current profession.

  • Academic
  • Anger
  • Bereavement
  • Business
  • Career
  • Christian Life
  • College
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Co-Parenting 
  • Creativity
  • Couples
  • Disability
  • Divine Purpose
  • Divorce
  • Entrepreneur
  • Ethics
  • Executive
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Gay & Lesbian Life
  • Health & Wellness 
  • Holistic Health
  • Human Resources
  • Investment
  • Leadership
  • Life - General
  • Marriage
  • Mastermind
  • Mediation
  • Meditation
  • Men’s Empowerment
  • Military
  • Motivational
  • Natural Health
  • Nature
  • New Age
  • Non-Profit
  • Organizational
  • Parenting
  • Peer Relations
  • Personal Growth 
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Training
  • Physician
  • Recovery
  • Relationship
  • Retirement
  • Sales
  • Self-Esteem
  • Single Parenting
  • Singles
  • Special Needs
  • Spiritual
  • Stress Management
  • Success
  • Teens & Tweens
  • Time-Management
  • Transitional
  • Weight Loss
  • Women’s Empowerment 
  • Youth Counseling


Success Coach, Coach Certification, Coaching, Jodi Nicholson, Certified Coach



The Success Coach Institute (SCI) facilitates superior instruction, training and certification programs for individuals interested in a professional career as a Certified Coach. Throughout the year we offer various continuing education courses, seminars, teleseminars, workshops and Success Clinics via the web and live events including private mastery for graduates pursuing their Master Coach certification. Be sure to browse our site, check our class schedule, visit our facebook page or the SCI Blog to stay informed on all our activities.

Frequently Asked Questions Success Coach, Coach Certification, Coaching, Jodi Nicholson, Certified Coach

Q...Can SCI’s Certified Professional Coach Course teach me what I really need to know in the virtual 16-20 hour course?

A...Absolutely! We believe that by teaching a strong foundation our students will learn the SCI system with ease, achieve their own personal results and grow, in turn, gain the ability to coach and inspire others. We provide the tools necessary so you can coach with confidence in a proven turnkey system that's easy to implement.

This is a powerful course using proven methods and systems. Just because it's short, sweet and to the point - not to mention very reasonably priced - doesn't mean it's not effective. Your time is valuable and we make your return on your time and investment one that will last a lifetime ... you can't "unknow" something and we teach the core tools to apply that grow and feed your mindset for the positive - for the abundance in life - and create lasting change for the better! Your ultimate success as a Certified Coach will be related to sharing you own growth, gifts and talents allowing you to provide your clients with a meaningful and memorable coaching experience each and every time. You'll learn the right questions to ask and a system that will engage your client into adapting a new mindset, take action and achieve success through your guidance. You see, coaching isn’t about you ... coaching is about the client! 

During the course of instruction you’ll gather knowledge and skills to apply immediately and learn foundational practices to effectively and efficiently use SCI’s iCoach To Success Coaching System. 

Excellence in coaching is all about asking questions, not providing answers or therapy. At SCI we instruct WHAT questions to ask, WHEN to ask, WHY to ask and then HOW to phrase them properly with appropriateness, specificity and absolute clarity to guide your client to excellent solutions. 

Our instruction provides you with the tools necessary to successfully start a coaching practice designed for effective results. In fact, we even provide you with a handy guide that covers the first series of appointments following the recommended guidelines provided. It's completely turn-key and utilizes many of the tools offered in the iCoach To Success Professional Coaching System, right at your fingertips and ready to serve!

  • Initial client intake interview
    i Coach To Success, Professional Coaching System
  • Discovering your WHY
  • Developing a Circle of Success
  • Profiling, discovery and fact finding
  • Writing a Vision of Success
  • Discovering a Life Purpose Symbol
  • Establishing short and long-term goals with our SMART Goal Setting Done RIGHT system
  • Helping clients organize their thoughts and directives
  • Learn how to communicate with clients on their level of understanding
  • Gain the ability to understand exactly what MOTIVATES people to succeed
  • Help your clients D.A.S.H. through their day
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs or obstacles 
  • Establish a new and solid foundation for a more positive self to achieve and celebrate ultimate success. 
  • and so much more ...

SCI has the tools you need to design and develop a successful protocol for your clients so they can easily adapt the positive changes with clear action steps for a much more productive, positive, happy and successful life.

Additionally, SCI's Certification Course helps you develop your business components and assists you in defining who you are in the marketplace.

  • Marketing Tips, Concepts & Ideas
  • Setting up your business
  • Establishing Fees
  • Building your practice
  • Networking
  • and so much more!
  • Read what some of our graduates have to say ... Testimonials


Q...Will my SCI Certified Professional Success Coach designation have real value?

A...Absolutely! A career in professional coaching is about your client’s success. As a Certified Coach you will tap into your own ability to truly help your clients achieve his or her goals, and ultimate success.

SCI’s Certified Professional Success Coach program was developed by a team of some of the most dedicated and experienced professionals in the coaching industry with a variety of education and experiential backgrounds. The team combined has decades of hands-on professional experience in developing programs, research, training, mentoring and coaching that have helped people tap into their true essence, improve their lives, gain greater knowledge whether personally or professionally and ultimately achieve a higher level of success overall. Through years of research, independent studies and private mentorships they have collaborated to provide excellence in a simplistic coaching system, proven strategies and methods, and duplicatable techniques into a practical, user-friendly coaching system designed to offer you a foundation to insure that you offer your clients the finest coaching experiences in the industry.


Q...What about my CPSC designation. coach career, success coach, certified professional coach
Is this a real certification?

A...Yes. SCI’s Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC) designation is 100% authentic and real.

There are numerous organizations providing coaching certifications around the World. Coach training programs typically range from two days to 6-8 months and in a few cases longer.

The fact is that there is no government regulation or government agency that sanctions, certifies or oversees life coaching certification. There are private organizations and privately held companies, whether for profit or non-profit, that do accredit or approve educational programs. The school of instruction is not accredited, just the actual course. As in any aspect of education the true value of any credential is measured by the recipient’s ability to deliver meaningful service to the designation, and in this case, become a successful coach for each and every client we serve. 

When you graduate from SCI’s Certified Professional Success Coach program, you will have attained your Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC) certificate along with the knowledge to becoming a leading authority in coaching, an expert in your industry and we encourage the intention to achieve Mastery as a Success Coach. You’ll graduate with complete confidence to apply your new skills and inspire others to achieve success.


Q... Will I have to take an exam to receive my CPSC designation and certificate?


Yes. To receive your SCI Certified Professional Success Coach certificate, you must demonstrate mastery of the curriculum instructed in our Success Coach System. Keep in mind that your success is our success and the examination is designed to guarantee a victorious finish to the program, and a time to celebrate your accomplishment. 

We are excellent instructors and Master Success Coach Trainers. We’ve been through the same process and understand the best and most comprehensive ways to teach the program. Our mission is help you learn the program, facilitate your growth and admire how you blossom into your new career as a Success Coach to inspire others. Your success is our primary goal and our responsibility. To reassure our students and if for any reason you do not to pass your final assessment then you can retake the course at no additional cost or work with a Master Coach Trainer one-on-one until you master the information, pass the exam and ultimately receive your SCI Certified Professional Success Coach certificate and graduate.


Will I learn as much in your Tele-Web Course as I would if I learn the course in person? 

virtual coach training, webinar, gotowebinar

Yes. Because we understand the various modalities of education and how students learn our live tele-web instruction is taught by SCI’s Master Coaches and provides students the exact same content we teach in a live seminar. Our seminars are taught in various locations on a limited basis yet our live tele-web course is taught every week at flexible times. The major benefit of this form of education is that you don’t have to lose valuable time traveling and you don’t incur costly expenses for airfare, car rental, taxis and accommodations. The course is taught live and in person and although the interaction with your Master Coach Trainer and your classmates isn’t face to face, the essence of the experience is very similar while you remain in the comfort of your home or business. Many coaches conduct the majority of their coaching sessions over the telephone whether speaking to a group or to an individual and this format will also help develop your communication skills to better serve your clients without being face to face. The format works whether it’s live and in person or via our unique tele-web conferencing. 

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