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The iCoach To Success Professional Coaching System

iCoach to Success


SCI’s iCoach To Success Professional Coaching System integrates a variety of methods and exercises in a simplistic process offering clients a solid foundation to quickly and easily be coached to success, to grow in a balanced approached both personally and professionally, and to celebrate their life in gratitude and abundance.


SCI's process is an eclectic, collaborative approach to coaching; a collage of the most excellent industry research and tools combined with original concepts developed by SCI Director and Co-Founder, Jodi Nicholson. The foundational principles offered in Part I are exclusive to SCI graduates for their Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC) training and Part II for SCI's Mastery Program (MCSC).

As one of our valued clients, students, or coaches you can be assured that the material provided is designed to assist you in your journey of successful endeavors.


Our graduates and coaches believe in the SCI mission ... to learn, grow and inspire, and aim for ultimate long-term success for each and every client using the iCoach To Success Professional Coaching System


“Coaching is partnering with clients 
in a thought-provoking and creative process

that inspires them to maximize their
personal and professional potential.”

- ICF - International Coach Federation -


When you invest in yourself and hire an SCI Success Coach you can
confidently know that your coaching programs include access to all the benefits of the
iCoach To Success System

I) Foundation - Building a solid and firm foundation to live a balanced life.
  • Discover you Personal WHY?
  • MVP - Mission, Vision and Purpose
  • Discover your Life Purpose SymbolLIFE PURPOSE SYMBOL
  • Lose the Mess for Ultimate Success
  • Design a Circle of Success
  • Develop a Vision of Success

 II) Believe
- Success is a choice!
    Believe it's possible and "own" what is rightfully yours ...
  • Build High Self-Esteem Worth
  • Gain Confidence
  • Learn Positive Self Talk
  • Develop Powerful of AffirmationsGOAL SETTING, TIME MANAGEMENT
  • Develop Empowering Beliefs
  • Mindset + Motivation = Magic
  • Power of Meditation & Visualization
  • Release and Recharge
III)  Plan – Step into your success!
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Done R.I.G.H.T.
  • Do the Daily D.A.S.H.
  • Backwards Planning
  • Prioritizing Made Simple
  • Decision Making Techniques
IV)  Community, Education & Skill Set
  • Define your support systems
  • Become Accountable
  • Networking - Learn how!
  • Mentors, Coaches and Masterminds
  • Support your Community  
V)  Being – Create a new vibration
  • Inner work – A State of Grace
  • Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Keep a Journal
  • Use Intuition and Introspection
VI)  Celebration – Consistent feel successful in all your endeavors and activities.
  • Say YES to Success Daily
  • Instilling acts of confidence
  • Success Log – Self Recognition
  • Learn To Feed Forward from Feedback, Positively. Grow!
  • Loving Reflections
  • Celebrate Accomplishments & Success
VII)  Outcomes – Make a shift
  • Reflection Techniques
  • Learn To Make Re-Assessment
  • Checkpoints in the Timeline
  • Zero to Ten & Start Again Attitude
  • Develop new standards, making new marks & make your shift to Mastery
VII)  Mastery – Master Traits of Ultimate Success
  • Discover & Own Your Unique Gifts
  • Maximizing Potential
  • Mastery of YOU!

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