Thanks to our raving fans!

A word from Jack Canfield ... 

"I highly recommend SCI 
to both new and seasoned coaches"

"As a personal Life Balance Coach for the past 10 years, having taken many courses, seminars and University sponsored programs on the subject of coaching during that time - I can truly say the SCI program leaves them ALL in the dust!  The fact that it's powerful information is put together in such an easy-to-understand, yet concise manner - makes it a fantastic turn-key system!  Add the clarity and integrity of the program's presenters as icing on the cake and I highly recommend SCI to both new and seasoned Coaches.  You'll find it's an incredibly worthwhile investment in your practice, your future, your life!  Thank you, Jodi and Shawn!"

      ~ Christine S. Fox, PhD


CERTIFIED LIFE COACH SUCCESS COACH INSTITUTESuccess Coach Institute was the immersion experience I was looking for to solidify my coaching skills. I learned so much in a short period of time, and am walking away with a tool kit that is overflowing with tools and exercises that willhelp me serve others in a huge way. I love the appointment flow and that all I have to do to "connect the dots" for someone else is to follow the system. It gives me great confidence to know that the system is there for me to support others in a meaningful and loving way. I so deeply appreciate Jodi's flexibility and personal attention, and I loved that she was always with me each step of the way, and took time to expand in areas that I had questions about. I don't think there is a better coach or teacher out there. Love, love, love Jodi's style, skills, love, patience, interest, personal support. It was such a wonderful experience for me. Highly recommended!! - Jean Schoenecker, CPSC




My expectations of the training were greatly exceeded and the bond created among my participants and Jodi is something that will deeply be cherished. Learning and doing the Vision Statement was very powerful for me as a divine human being but I'm also looking forward to incorporating it to my coaching practice to empower and inspire my clients to a whole new level. Thank you again for this amazing journey.

Caroline Rochon, CPSC
Coach, Author, Speaker/Trainer and Trained Professional Organizer

A la Carte Organizing Service


"The course exceeded
my expectations
and brought
new insights ..."

The Success Coach Institute presents innovative concepts, models, and thought scenarios. The materials are built on strong historical, well-researched and reference sources. The course has good closure, relevance is demonstrated in "walking back the cat" through key elements covered all the way to the beginning. The course exceeded my expectations and brought new insights to my previous mentoring/coaching approach. It created positive challenges to "translate" SCIs way into context of my practice culture and participant mind set.

I would definitely recommend the Success Coach Institute for coach certification.

~ Dr. Francesco A. Calabrese


"In the Success Coach Institute 3-day Training I experienced immediately the power of the tools provided and the coaching received. I know I am now equipped to provide exceptional value to my coaching clients, helping them to discover their best selves. Jodi Nicholson is a master in content delivery, including participants in a value-based setting (meeting our specific needs), and delivering beautifully beyond my expectations."

Pam Wiley, CPSC
Speaker and Success Coach



Tiffany Oddo, MCSC Success Coach"I have to say that I recently received my certification and it is one of the highest quality trainings I have ever received! HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is looking to make a difference in the lives of others!"

~ Tiffany Oddo, CPSC


"Thanks for helping Trish and I to take this course and use it in expanding our new business. 
We truly are grateful."  
~ Richard LoveJoy, CPSC 



Thank you and the rest of your SCI team for executing such a wonderful 16-hour, value-packed training program.  The completeness of the program must be seen to be believed.  I would certainly do it again!  I look forward to our continuing dialogue and partnership through my support to Dr. Rudy Garrity at the American Learnership Forum, Inc

~ Sincerely, Chris Borkoski, CPSC


is an understatement ... "

Jodi - 

Extraordinaire is an understatement about the value I received from the Success Coaching Institute Training! The course is of superior quality and quantity which inevitable transmitted an enlightening experience. A bonus was discovering that my divine gift of intuitiveness was patiently surrendering for an embracement.  Only through my connectedness with SCI was it possible to embrace and not continue to disregard this divine gift.  Thank you for your wisdom!

Inspired and Empowered,

Jeannine P. Jean-Pierre, DTM, PMP, CPSC


jack canfield, success principles, jodi nicholson

"The dynamic and interactive iCoach To Success training program provided by Jodi and Shawn leaves it's students feeling confident and inspired!  This training is a must if you want to get into the field of coaching!"   

~ Marie W., Win Enterprises, LLC


coaching, certification, life coach, success coaching

"I really loved this class!" 

"Thank you so much for be so caring and showing a genuine interest in us learning. The seminar exceeded my expectations. I liked the interaction part a lot as it helped to bring the concept home and made it easier to understand. I liked how Jodi woould take the time to equally address everyone and help everyone along the way to understand the concept fully."                     
~ Sheena Ellis, CPSC


success coach institute, say yes to success, jodi nicholson, coaching

Comments made on the

SCI Certification Course Evaluation Forms ...

I highly recommend that every coach learn from Success Coach Institute. It is the perfect course for beginners, or seasoned professionals! If you are even considering the profession of coaching, look no further for training programs, THIS IS IT! SCI over delivered in a huge way and I found more value out of this 3 day training course, than some that I’ve taken over the period of 12 months!! SCI is not only about training coaches, it is truly a system for the development of coaches and clients. The level of integrity, value, and quality is simply unmatched! I am proud to have incorporated this course into my Graduate Degree learning! It is that level of education! Thank you SCI! - Tiffany Oddo, CPSC


Thank you for putting together such an amazingly thought out and well developed program.  I feel this program has given me the tools and the support I will need to launch my coaching practice.  SCI, has guided me on my journey to rebuild my inner confidence and  to become an excellent coach. By taking time tested methods combined with years of experience in the coaching industry, SCI has developed a program that can be immediately implemented and also gradually expanded upon to personalize my work as a coach.  In addition to the professional aspect of this course, the content can be utilized in my own life as well. Thank you Jodi, Shawn and Marvin for supporting me as I make my peaceful transformation into a life of balance fulfillment and harmony.



professional coaching system, certification, life coach, success coaching

Discover Your Best Success!


"The Success Coach Institute is so generous with their forms, website, and manuals ... Loved the Vision of Success both giving and receiving it! Jodi is a lovely, wise, caring, thoughtful and obviously very experienced coach. It was a real joy to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone as a trainer and a coach. Thank you so much!"

Catherine Scheers, CPSC
Coach, Author, Speaker/Trainer



Geoff Nicholson, GN Coaching


The training is amazing and can assist professionals in all areas.  It is stand alone and it supplements existing efforts.

The bottom line is this ... when you become a Success Coach, you have one main client, and that is YOU! Jodi and all the instructors live and breathe what they teach! It is amazing!


Melanie D. Bragg, Esquire



I highly recommend the Success Coach Institute. I spent months researching and trying to find a training program that would help me establish a success coaching business. I decided on the Success Coach Institute and went through their training course. I was not disappointed. They opened me up to a whole new process of coaching that I never imagined. 

The training was intensive, supportive and informative. It gave me the tools I need to become a success coach. It also helped me to develop and grow as an individual and a visionary business person.

Highly recommended.

Pastor Alvin Dawkins, CPSC
Author - Speaker - Success Coach


Phenomenal training!

Certified Success Coach CPSCThank you SCI for the phenomenal Success Coach training. The amount of information, material and support provided exceeded my expectations. The class material was abundant, yet precise. Each class was delivered in a very clear and professional way. It was easy to absorb the plethora of information and also translate how this information would be useful for your clients in the future. Another benefit of this program was the support around how to establish a successful business. The level of dedication that our Master Coach Jodi Nicholson offered to this program was remarkable. Jodi demonstrated an unparalleled enthusiasm for the class and the information being delivered. She is invested in each person’s individual success. Jodi exemplifies the essence of what it takes to be a great Success Coach, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Thank you, Jodi! The program was all encompassing to ensure your success. I highly recommend SCI!     

                                    - Kate Butler, CPSC 


recommend success coach institute
I absolutely
loved it! 

"This is the best value and training in the market today for coach certification
. Thank you SCI."

Lorna White, CPSC 



I recommend anyone who is a coach and wants to become the best in their field or someone thinking I always wanted to be a coach, there is no better coach certification available." 

Charlie Collins, CPSC
Coach, Speaker and Business Owner of Vision Dynamics


Everything I have dreamed

of is within my reach. 

"I am so grateful and appreciative for all I've learned from SCI. This course has taught me that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. I now have written goals and a path to get there. Each goal I have written down will be reached by the date I have assigned. Everything I have dreamed of is within my reach. Create the goal, work the process and obtain the prize. What could be better than that. I can't wait to learn more, teach more and dream more....thank you!!!!" - Ann Karay, CPSC


"I'm so glad I took this class!" 

It was much more hands-on and less intimidating than I thought it would be to get a certification. I resonated so well with Jodi's energy and clarity of her message. I loved how our goals were broken down to realistic, do-able chunks since starting a coaching business had seemed like an overwhelming venture to undertake. I was pleasantly surprised at how available Jodi was for after-hours email and phone contact and the openness to retake the course at any time at no cost. I was so impressed with Jodi's integrity, commitment and passion to her business. She is truly a natural at coaching and teaching.

 ~ Dina Proctor, CPSC
Author, Speaker & Success Coach


"Jodi Nicholson demonstrated her mastery of educational coaching during a recent SCI training program by her expertise in unfolding and communicating the intricacies of coach thinking and behavior.  I appreciated her questioning ability in the discovery of important client information. Shawn Wiesner proved himself a conscientious and thoughtful coach who was willing to suggest areas for client development.  He illustrates the friendliness and good humor everyone appreciates when developing a trusted relationship with their coach."

Dr. Rudy Garrity   MBA | MPA | DPA | CPSC
CEO & Founder,
The American Learnership Forum
One of the greatest compliments we can receive is the praise from a student, colleague or client. 

We appreciate the kind words and are grateful that the Success Coach Institute has had a positive impact on the lives of so many. 

Thank You!

"I really loved this class!" 

"Thank you so much for be so caring and showing a genuine interest in us learning. The seminar exceeded my expectations. I liked the interaction part a lot as it helped to bring the concept home and made it easier to understand. I liked how Jodi woould take the time to equally address everyone and help everyone along the way to understand the concept fully."      
Sheena Ellis, CPSC


"Jodi & Shawn
have created a
to become a 
Certified Professional Success Coach"

~ Beau Henderson, MCSC
  RichLife Advisors, Inc.


Congrats on delivering an excellent program! 
I'm proud to be a graduate of SCI and a
Certified Professional Success Coach!"

~ Pete Winiarski, CPSC


"You're the BEST and my experience was so rewarding, thanks!"

~ Kim D.


Dear Jodi and Shawn,

After taking your Success Coach Certification I am so much more confident serving my clients. I loved all your processes and how you taught it all to me. Even better are the tools you gave to me to help me get all my clients on the direct path to success.

Your program not only taught me through your webinar, documentation, and the one-on-one coaching we did with other students - it really anchored the lesson in. I love being a coach and now I am prepared with the best tools in the industry. The ongoing support  you are giving me is indispensable. Having master mentors an email or phone call away means there is no client or issue I will not be able to help.

I loved how you drilled into us that as coaches we do not need to know all the answers, but we must know how to ask the right questions. 

I recommend anyone who is a coach and wants to become the best in their field or someone thinking I always wanted to be a coach, there is no better class certification available.

Thank you and I look forward to our long successful relationship,

Charlie Collins, CPSC

Jodi's passion for her work and the institute is evident as soon as you meet her. Jodi is very aware of her participants and their needs and is encouraging and suppportive. She takes pride in what she has to offer and the Success Coach Institute is an extremely well designed school. The quality and professionalism of the program excels. Jodi Nicholson's extensive experience in coaching created an atmosphere of confidence and comfort. She was well organized and the time flew by in a "blink" as I enjoyed the 2-day training and the inspiration Jodi shared with us. Jodi made it very clear that she was there to support us in our coaching careers.

Thanks for a great experience, Marge Fisher


You are PHENOMENAL instructors and I definitely gained so so much."

 Kellie Umstead, CPSC



"The coaching 
certification class was truly outstanding and led phenomenally well. 
I gained the knowledge needed to become a certified success coach. I 
am very grateful for the opportunity to attend sessions at Success 
Coach Institute.

Jodi is a very powerful coach and teacher. She is a true 
master! She is extremely knowledgeable, talented and passionate. Her 
contribution to the coaching profession is invaluable. She offers 
everyone tremendous guidance in a very caring and loving way. She 
inspires all! I am very grateful to have been taught and coached by 
Jodi while attending classes at Success Coach Institute. It was a 
rewarding experience and I feel prepared and energized. It was a 
tremendous experience."

~ Karen DeLuca, CPSC


"Jodi Nicholson is a thoughtful and compassionate coach, who nonetheless pushes you to promote your natural strengths and have faith in your own purpose and passion.  Jodi held me accountable by assisting me in aligning my actions with my heart – making our coaching calls inspirational and engaging me to take actions that serve the greatest good for myself and my community."  
~ Joshua Potter-Efron, California


Dear Jodi -

I want to say thank you for all you have done to provide me with the experience of Success Coach Institute.  From our very first conversation a couple of months ago, I could sense the sincerity within you and your desire to do good for others through this program.  I really appreciate the way that you were so willing to work with me on a time frame for the sessions.  Because of your flexibility and concern for my schedule, the timing worked out perfectly.  Thank you.

Through our interactions in the sessions, it was plain for me to see that you are an extremely gifted coach and teacher.  You absolutely know your stuff!  Also, I know I mentioned earlier that I have lived with the obstacle of feeling judged in situations like these (interactive classes, speaking roles, etc.), but it is so clear that you come from a place of service and not judgment that I felt completely at ease and totally safe.

Thank you for being available to me in case I had any questions about anything.  You have such a kind and giving personality and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

All my best,


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