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ur Board of Directors & Team of Administrators, Instructors, Trainers & Coaches are dedicated to
 supporting the professional development of our students, graduates and clients.  

Our team use proven methodologies and a highly effective curriculum to insure that each student enters the community with the knowledge and confidence to be a Success Coach and inspire others.

We consistently participate in our own personal and professional development in order to learn, grow and inspire as we improve our technique to offer an excellent learning and coaching experience for


~ SCI Master Trainers ~

 Master Certified Success Coaches (MCSC), Instructors & Trainers

Paulette Esposito, MCSC
Beau Henderson, MCSC

~ SCI Alumni Graduates  ~

Marisela Abasta, CPSC
Cindy Lee Alvarado, CPSC
Najla Ammouri, CPSC
Norry Ascroft, CPSC
Shanta Barton-Stubbs, CPSC
Calvin Belton, CPSC
Viola Belinda Blackshear, Ed.D., CPSC
Julianne Blake, PhD, CPSC
Hannelore Boyd-Brown, CPSC
Melanie Bragg, CPSC
Stephanie Bridges, CPSC
Kate Butler, CPSC
Dr. Francesco A. Calabrese, CPSC
Rosa Casanovas, PhD CPSC 
Beate Chelette, CLC CPSC
Tracy Cherpeski, CPSC
Dr. Jerry C. Clevenger, CPSC
Cindy Cohen, CPSC
Charlie Collins, CPSC
Kylah Daniels, CPSC
Kathy Davenport, CPSC
Kathy Davidson, CPSC
Alvin Dawkins, CPSC
Donna Dawley, CPSC
Karen DeLuca, CPSC
John DuPont, CPSC
Nathan Edmundson, CPSC
Tandy Elisala, CPSC
Toni Emerson, CPSC
Paulette Esposito, MCSC
Marge Fisher, CPSC
Bette Fletcher, CPSC
Christine Fox, PhD CPSC
D'Ann Franklin, PhD CPSC
Lorraine Gabriel, CPSC
Dr. Rudolph B. Garrity, CPSC
Mary Goode, CPSC
Dr. Jennifer Harrison, CPSC
Karen Harrison, CSC
Colleen Hauk, CPSC
Veralyn Hayes, CPSC
Ryan Hellerud, CPSC
Beau Henderson, MCSC
Monica Hernandez, CPSC
Ian Houghton, CPSC
Vesna Ivkovic, CPSC
Jeannine P. Jean-Pierre, CPSC
Stavroula Kangles, CPSC
Ann Karay, CPSC
Nalini Kersey, CPSC
Heidi Kleine, CPSC
Jocelyne LeFreniere, CPSC
Richard LoveJoy, CPSC
Trisha LoveJoy, CPSC
Corey Lyons, CPSC
Robert MacPhee, CPSC
Rebecca Mack, CPSC
Shannon McDonald, CPSC
Anna Mollander, CPSC
Grace Miller, CPSC
Val Neighbors, CPSC
Geoff Nicholson, CPSC
Tiffany Oddo, MCSC
Sue Olson, CLC
Ike Parker, CLC CPSC
Natalie Peace, CPSC
Mike Philippeaux, CPSC
Sheena Praileau, CPSC
Dina Proctor, CPSC
Ameedah Rashid, CPSC
Ameenah Rashid, CPSC
Thomas Ritchie, CPSC
Caroline Rochon, CPSC
Joyce Rommelaar, CPSC
Bruce Roth, CPSC
Toni Rubin, CPSC
Catherine Scheers, CPSC
Jean Schoenecker, CPSC
Louie Sharp, CPSC
Monique Sherman, CPSC
Terri Schous, CPSC
Tracey Michelle Theisen, MBA CLC CPSC
Johanny Thomas, CPSC
Kellie Umstead, CPSC
Brenda Walton, CPSC
Lorna White, CPSC
Lemuel Whitehouse, CPSC
Jeannine Wand, MCSC 
Pam Wiley, CPSC
Marie Winiarski, CPSC
Pete Winiarski, CPSC
Darah Zeledon, CPSC

Julaine Ziegert, CPSC

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A few kind words from Dr. Rudy Garrity ...

"Jodi demonstrated her mastery of educational coaching during a recent SCI training program by her expertise in unfolding and communicating the intricacies of coach thinking and behavior.  I appreciated her questioning ability in the discovery of important client information."

"Shawn proved himself a conscientious and thoughtful coach who was willing to suggest areas for client development.  He illustrates the friendliness and good humor everyone appreciates when developing a trusted relationship with their coach."


"Jodi is one of those rare individuals that bless your life in so many ways... mentor, coach, & friend.  She has helped me transform my vision into my reality, and she's not afraid to call me out when I'm blaming, complaining, rationalizing, or making excuses.  Working with Jodi is one of the best moves someone could make to move toward their ideal life."
        ~ Beau Henderson, MCSC



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